The True Crime Me

I am Marisa and I am a True Crime and horror addict. I am also a single mom and fierce dog lover. I grew up in a single parent home with my mom and my sister.

All single mom’s knows that free time is scarce and when you do get it, you often are catching up on dishes and not reading True Crime books. However, I grew up in a unique home, with a mom who would multi-task to the extreme. She easily accomplished more than any mom I’ve ever known. She also never failed to tuck me in at night and while I may have been a bit needy with my requests for longer back rubs, my mom never denied me. Instead, she read me Stephen King books while helping me fall asleep. She did her mom thing while doing her own self-care. (If you’ve gotten to the point in this blog post where you do not agree with her parenting, this is not the blog for you.)

My first horror experience was not only at bedtime but none other than Stephen King’s, IT! So where does this lead, it leads to the ability to easily fall asleep to the ID channel and not being afraid of the dark. And….it fostered a True Crime / Horror addiction. So, now here I am taking a new journey with Black Heart Books to connect with other people just like me, who like to immerse themselves in the details and understand the most heinous of crimes, solve cold cases or locate the missing. It isn’t about the crime when you really think about it, it’s about the lives of the victims and the fascinating events that intersected their life with a monster. So, as we embark on this journey you will learn more about me, True Crime and Horror and hopefully make some new friends. Be sure to follow us at we have some new and exciting subscription boxes launching soon which will take you on a unique adventure!


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