Maura Murray – Part One

The Maura Murray case has always intrigued me, but I wasn’t as invested in it until my oldest daughter began college a state away from me. When my girls were younger and they would head to CA to visit their dad for the summer I would have anxiety, like the debilitating type. I was sure they would be snatched from a Walmart and disappear across the border never to be seen again. I would dread the summer months as they approached knowing I would have to send them. I would dream of any way that I could keep them tracked at all times so if anything insidious lurking in the shadows so much as touched a hair on their head I would know and could react.

I was totally and completely irrational, and it took a long time for me to be able to sit in the silence and let go and know if we were to become a victim of a crime, tracking my girls at all times wouldn’t stop the dark course the universe had set us on. So, that is what you tell yourself logically right, you can’t do anything about it so no need to track, hover and over parent. But what about when something insidious happens and there are no answers, in the case of Maura Murray she has been missing for a long time the universe just swallowed her up. The aftermath has been, I am sure truly unbearable for her family, not only is she missing, but the family has been exposed, judged and accused of being that very insidious shadow that sent her running into hiding.

So, let’s set this up…on a cold night Maura goes missing, after crashing her car on a dark snow covered road. She didn’t have an over protective parent tracking her (but would that have mattered). She crashed, she was seen by a couple witnesses on the side of the road and within 15 minutes of crashing that car she vanished….without a trace. For the Murray’s this is my worst fear come to life…and all these years later, there is STILL no trace of Maura. Some say she began a new life in Canada, some say the police covered up their crime suggesting they killed her, some believe she met someone on the road that night who murdered her.

I have spent the last several months delving into this case for which we still have no answers. I watched the new Oxygen series, and even joined the Crime Club set up to work with Oxygen and CrimeCon as an armchair detective to help. I have scoured the internet for more clues to help get this family out of their agony.

In the end, I don’t have any more information than I did when I embarked on this journey. I still have my irrational fear and Maura Murray is STILL missing. I truly believe, someone out there knows something, we just have to apply pressure to the right people. In my next post, I am going to update with a timeline and some facts about the case. I hope you are as intrigued as I am, I hope you will be invested too….and will engage in some dialogue with me about this case. Vanished….swallowed whole……let’s find Maura.



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