Subscription Launches & Holiday Travels…Oh My!

So, I am a bit late on an update post and certainly intend to make good on my promise in my last post to write about Maura Murray part two. I got a bit behind on my blog, but all for good reasons. I traveled for the Holiday’s, met someone new who I adore and rescued a new puppy who we named Salem. I want to take a moment to reflect on the past few months and give some recognition before I dig further into the Maura Murray case.

First, I launched my subscription box on Cratejoy, and to my surprise it has not only been more successful than I dreamed it could be, it has also been SO much fun. I have been reading to get to the know the victims and learn how they can be a part of my box in a meaningful way. I have been creating new boxes, attending charity events and even reaching out to different Podcasts for support/to show my support. In fact, when I launched the bookstore I reached out to my favorite Podcast: True Crime Garage to ask if I could put their logo on my website, and I got an email back not only inviting me to do just that, but they were very supportive and wished me luck in this journey. OMGGGG what??? Seriously, I listen to them obsessively and they were supportive of my small business. I was doing a little freak out, I must admit. This new adventure is doing for me……exactly what I had hoped. I am connecting with other people about the things that I am passionate about. I received my first review on my subscription box, and I got 5 stars by one reader who took a chance on me. When you live your passion you certainly feel energized, so with that energy I took some time mapping out my boxes for 2018. I have got some really good cases to talk about. Case by case, whether murdered or vanished we are going to delve into it TOGETHER. And…along the way, we are going to enjoy some Horror as well.

keep reading, support your local authors….and be sure to check us out on Cratejoy!!!!


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